Nikai 1.5L 1mill 500W Blender NB2555A

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Nikai 1.5L 600W Blender NB1705B

Tsh 120,000

Nikai 1.5L Glass Spare Jug

Tsh 40,000

Nikai 1.5L Spare Jug

Tsh 60,000

Nikai 1.5L Spare Plastic Jug

Tsh 30,000

Nikai 16″ 3 Speed Wall Fan

Tsh 105,000

Nikai 16″ Wall Fan NWF1635T1

Tsh 115,000

Nikai 1600W Vacuum Cleaner

Tsh 250,000

Nikai 300W Hand Mixer NH989A1

Tsh 65,000

Nikai 45W White Stand Fan

Tsh 100,000

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