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LOGITECH Bluetooth Audio Adapter

Original price was: Tsh 120,000.Current price is: Tsh 107,000.

Logitech Conference Cam BCC950

Original price was: Tsh 1,100,000.Current price is: Tsh 950,000.

Logitech Conference Cam Connect

Original price was: Tsh 1,840,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,750,000.

Logitech Group Expansion Mics

Original price was: Tsh 910,000.Current price is: Tsh 860,000.

Logitech Group Video Conferencing for Mid to Large-Sized Meeting Rooms

Original price was: Tsh 3,400,000.Current price is: Tsh 3,180,000.

Logitech MeetUp – Conference Camera

Original price was: Tsh 3,000,000.Current price is: Tsh 2,860,000.

Logitech P710e Mobile Speaker Phone

Original price was: Tsh 570,000.Current price is: Tsh 540,000.

Logitech R500 Red Laser, Bluetooth, Presentation Remote with 20m Range

Original price was: Tsh 160,000.Current price is: Tsh 150,000.

Logitech Spotlight Wireless Presentation Remote

Original price was: Tsh 400,000.Current price is: Tsh 380,000.

Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 with Red Laser Pointer

Original price was: Tsh 140,000.Current price is: Tsh 130,000.

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