How to Shop


Click on the “BUY NOW” red icon on the selected item to proceed directly to checkout.


Please complete all relevant information such as name, phone, email etc. Help us by adding additional information to ‘Order notes’ so we can deliver your package faster.



Now select how you would like to pay i.e. PesaPal, Bank Transfer or Mobile money on delivery.


And finally click on PLACE ORDER.


You will get confirmation of your placed order and a unique order number (keep it safe!). You will then receive an email and SMS confirmation.


After checkout you will be sent an email with your personal username and password this will allow for faster checkout on your next visit and real time status updates on your order.

If you encounter any problem while placing your order through Bei Chee, please contact us through our helpline on 0762 493 434 or WhatsApp us on the same number.

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