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LG 10 kg washing Machine with Turbo Drum

Tsh 1,190,000 Tsh 1,250,000

LG 11Kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

Tsh 1,010,000 Tsh 1,070,000

LG 12 kg washing Machine with Turbo Drum

Tsh 1,570,000 Tsh 1,650,000

LG 7kg Washing Machine

Tsh 740,000 Tsh 780,000

LG RC8066CF Condenser Dryer (8kg)

Tsh 2,500,000 Tsh 2,630,000

Midea 10L Electric Water Heater

Tsh 204,000 Tsh 220,000

Midea 15L Electric Water Heater

Tsh 241,000 Tsh 260,000

Midea 30L Electric Water Heater

Tsh 291,000 Tsh 310,000

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