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Nadstar Deep Fryer Gas 1 Side 5.5L

Original price was: Tsh 480,000.Current price is: Tsh 452,000.

Nadstar Deep Fryer Gas 1 Tank 2 Basket 11L

Original price was: Tsh 840,000.Current price is: Tsh 792,500.

Nadstar Deep Fryer Gas with Stand 1 Side 25L

Original price was: Tsh 2,750,000.Current price is: Tsh 2,615,000.

Nadstar HEF89 2 Side 17L Electric Deep Fryer

Original price was: Tsh 800,000.Current price is: Tsh 753,500.

Nadstar HGF972 Deep Fryer Gas 2 Side

Original price was: Tsh 1,790,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,702,500.

Nadstar Side Electric Deep Fryer 5L

Original price was: Tsh 650,000.Current price is: Tsh 610,500.

Nadstar Side Gas Deep Fryer

Original price was: Tsh 970,000.Current price is: Tsh 922,500.

Nadstar XC-71 Stainless Steel Single Tank Gas Fryer

Original price was: Tsh 420,000.Current price is: Tsh 400,000.

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