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Nadstar 2500 RPM Rating 220V Big Juicer

Original price was: Tsh 1,960,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,858,500.

Nadstar BQL830 2600w Power Ice Cream Machine

Original price was: Tsh 9,360,000.Current price is: Tsh 8,905,000.

Nadstar DST-2 2 Head 220V Ice Cream Machine

Original price was: Tsh 2,960,000.Current price is: Tsh 2,810,000.

Nadstar HGP8A 12oz Capacity Commercial Gas Popcorn Machine

Original price was: Tsh 890,000.Current price is: Tsh 842,500.

Nadstar HGV-790 High-Performance Motor Shawarma 2-Burner Gas Machine

Original price was: Tsh 2,140,000.Current price is: Tsh 2,030,000.

Nadstar HST16 Trolley Stainless Steel 16-Pan

Original price was: Tsh 1,480,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,403,500.

Nadstar HW-350 Food Display Warmer Single Hinged Glass Doors

Original price was: Tsh 970,000.Current price is: Tsh 922,500.

Nadstar HW827A Glass Warming 30-85 Degree C Curved Show Case

Original price was: Tsh 970,000.Current price is: Tsh 923,000.

Nadstar HWB-RD Commercial 2 Head Waffle Maker

Original price was: Tsh 1,070,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,012,500.

Nadstar PMC Stainless Steel Popcorn Machine Cart With Wheels

Original price was: Tsh 560,000.Current price is: Tsh 532,500.

Nadstar QJH-J300 220V 750 Power Potato Cutter

Original price was: Tsh 3,300,000.Current price is: Tsh 3,135,000.

Nadstar SPT380 Electric 220-380V Dough Sheater

Original price was: Tsh 12,310,000.Current price is: Tsh 11,715,000.

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