LG 1200W 5.1Ch. DVD Home Theater System

LG 1200W 5.1Ch. DVD Home Theater System

Original price was: Tsh 1,010,000.Current price is: Tsh 960,000.

Give yourself the gift of high-quality entertainment this holiday season with the LG 1200W 5.1Ch. DVD Home Theater System.

  • High resistance fabric
  • Wireless Audio Streaming
  • Full HD Up-scaling
  • Resolution Upscaler
  • USB Direct Recording
  • High-quality entertainment
  • Simplelink

LG 1200W DVD Home Theater Features:

High resistance fabric:

  • Aramid Fiber Speaker Aramid Fiber, with its high resistance fabric, is used to minimize sound distortion and deliver clear and precise sound.

Wireless Audio Streaming:

  • Wireless Audio Streaming via Bluetooth™ Enjoy your favorite music stored on mobile devices through the LG sound system with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth™.

Full HD Up-scaling:

  • Full HD Up-scaling External content from the net or devices often looks poor on TV due to the low resolution of the files. LG provides a solution with the Full HD

Resolution Upscaler:

  • Resolution Upscaler, which magically improves the resolution of the original content and makes it look great on the big screen as well.

USB Direct Recording:

  • USB Direct Recording & Playback With the LG Home Theater System, Micro and Mini Audio you can not only play files stored on USB devices but record CD tracks or FM radio programs on your USB while listening at the same time.

High-quality entertainment:

  • Karaoke Enjoy high-quality entertainment. Enjoy LG Audio’s karaoke function at any time.


  • Simplink One remote, total control. You can easily manage your entire AV system with SIMPLINK, which uses control signals transmitted through an HDMI cable. SIMPLINK is compatible with all LG products.


  • Portable in Simply plugin and play your mobile devices (MP3 Player, mobile phone, etc.).

Physical Size (W x H x D) mm
Front Speaker: 250 x 1200 x 250
Center Speaker: 360 x 60 x 75
Rear Speaker: 250 x 1200 x 250
Subwoofer: 250 x 336 x 310

Channel: 5.1CH
Total: 1200W
Front L/R: 194WX2
Center: 194W
Sub-Woofer: 230W
Wireless Rear L/R: 194WX2

Top & Bottom cabinet (slot): Yes

Home Menu
Home Menu: Yes
Input & Output
Front – Display: FLD
Front – USB: 1
Front – Mic: 2
Front – Audio In (Portable In): Yes
R/Panel – Video Out (Composite): Yes
R/Panel – Audio Input (L/R): Yes
R/Panel – Audio Input – Optical: 1
R/Panel – HDMI (Out): 1
R/Panel – Radio Antenna (FM): Yes
R/Panel – Speaker Terminal – Composing of channel: 5.1CH
R/Panel – Speaker Terminal – Terminal Type: Push in (Spring)

Simplink: Yes
Speaker Level Trim: Yes
Speaker Distance (channel delay): Yes
Test-Tone: Yes
Mute: Yes
A/V Sync Delay (Audio Delay): Yes
Dimmer: Yes
Sleep: Yes
Volume on TV: Yes
USB direct recording: Yes
Dynamic Range Control On/Off: Yes
Dynamic Range Control (iPod/iPhone via Cradle): Yes
Optical (direct key): Yes
Karaoke – Mic Volume/Echo Volume: Yes

Playable Disc Type
DVD-R: Yes
DVD-RW(Video Mode): Yes
DVD+R: Yes
DVD+RW(Video mode): Yes
Audio CD: Yes

AV Format
Video – MPEG2: Yes
Video – DivX: Yes
Dolby Digital: Yes
MPEG 1/2 L2: Yes
MP3: Yes
ID3 Tag: Yes
WMA: Yes

Graphics / Subtitle Format
2bit / 8bit Sub-picture: Yes
Text-based Subtitle: Yes

Video Features
GUI / Menu (Language): Regional Option
Video DAC: 148MHZ/12bit
NTSC / PAL Hz: 60Hz / 50Hz
Resolution: up to 1080p24/60Hz
VBI – WSS / CGMS-A / Closed Caption / Macrovision: Yes
NTSC⇔PAL Conversion: Yes
Last Scene Memory: Yes

Disc (BD, DVD, CD) Playback Specification
Screen Saver: Yes
Power Resume: Yes
Parental Lock: Yes
DVD – 1080p Upscaling: Yes
Trick Play – Fast Forward: BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Trick Play – FastBack: BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Trick Play – Forward Step: BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play – Forward Slow: BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play – Reverse Slow: BD, DVD(-VR)
Trick Play – Pause: BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Search – Title/Track: BD, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Search – Chapter: BD, DVD(-VR)
Search – Time: BD, DVD(-VR)
Repeat Play – Title/Track: HDMV, DVD(-VR), CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Repeat Play – Chapter: HDMV, DVD(-VR)
Resume Stop: DVD(-VR), CD-DA,MP3/WMA
Play Mode – Random: CD-DA, MP3/WMA
Marker Play: CD-DA, MP3/WMA

Tuner Type: PLL
Tuning up / down: Yes
Preset up / down: Yes
Band: FM
Preset Memory: 50 Stations

Front – Model Name: S73T1-S
Front – SPL: 82dB
Front – System: Closed type
Front – Tweeter Unit: 20mm (1ea)
Front – Woofer Unit: 3″ Aramid (2EA)
Front – Impedance: 4Ω
Front – Magnetic Shielding: Non-Shield
Rear – Model Name: S73T1-S
Rear – SPL: 82dB
Rear – System: Closed Type
Rear – Tweeter Unit: 20mm (1ea)
Rear – Woofer Unit: 3″ Aramid (2EA)
Rear – Impedance: 4Ω
Rear – Magnetic Shielding: Non-shield
Center – Model Name: S73T2-C
Center – SPL: 82dB
Center – System: Closed type
Center – Tweeter Unit: 20mm (1ea)
Center – Woofer Unit: 5″ Aramid (2EA)
Center – Impedance: 4Ω
Center – Magnetic Shielding: Non-shield
Subwoofer – Model Name: S73T1-W
Subwoofer – SPL: 83dB
Subwoofer – System: Bass Reflex
Subwoofer – Woofer Unit: 7″ PP
Subwoofer – Magnetic Shielding: Non-shield
Subwoofer – Impedance: 3Ω

Instruction Manual: Printing Book
Simple Manual: Yes
Remote Control Unit – Type: CB1
Remote Control Unit – Unified: Yes
Remote Control Unit – Battery (Size): AAA*2
FM Antenna: Yes
Batteries (Remote Controller): Yes
Speaker Cable: Yes (6 EA)
Warranty Card: Yes
RCA Code(Video), Yellow, 1P: Yes
HDMI Cable: Yes
Carton Box Type: Tip on

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