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Delta 3 Gas Burners 1 Electric Plate Cooker, Oven & Grill, 50x55cm DGC-5031

Original price was: Tsh 590,000.Current price is: Tsh 560,000.

Delta Cooker 2 Gas Burners + 2 Electric Plates Electric Oven 50x55cm DGC-5022

Original price was: Tsh 700,000.Current price is: Tsh 660,000.

Delta Cookers 60×60 Gas Oven & Grill 4 Gas Burner Glass Lid Inox DGC-6040.I

Original price was: Tsh 650,000.Current price is: Tsh 610,000.

Delta Free Standing Cookers 50x55cm, 4 Gas Burner, Grill & Electric Oven, Silver & Black DGC-5040E

Original price was: Tsh 610,000.Current price is: Tsh 580,000.

Delta Inox Free Standing 60X60cm Cookers, 3 Gas + 1 Electric Burner, Oven & Grill DGC-6031.I

Original price was: Tsh 760,000.Current price is: Tsh 720,000.

Delta Inox Free Standing Cooker 90 x 60cm, 4 Gas Burners + 2 Electric Plates with Electric Oven DGC-9042.I

Original price was: Tsh 1,520,000.Current price is: Tsh 1,440,000.

Westpoint Microwave with Grill and Digital Display 28L 900W Black

Original price was: Tsh 390,000.Current price is: Tsh 360,000.

Westpoint Mini Oven WOY-10020 100 Liter With Grill

Original price was: Tsh 510,000.Current price is: Tsh 480,000.

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