Pro Forma Invoice


Msasani Tower
Kimweri Avenue
Dar es Salaam
P.O. BOX 4010

Pro Forma Invoice Number PRO-646
Pro Forma Invoice Date October 12, 2020
Valid Until October 27, 2020
Total TZS 7,600,000.04
Urban and Rural Engineering Services LTD

P.O. Box 33505
Dar es Salaam

Qty Item PriceAdjustSub Total
8 Gree Air Conditioner 9,000 BTU Wall Mount Split Unit R410 Gas

- 5 Year Compressor Warranty
- 2 Year AC Warranty
- Supply, Install, test, and commission
- Installation kit - copper pipe and armaflex 3 meters long, wiring, bracket
- Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS)

Trunking and additional copper pipping will require site visit or specifications*

TZS 805,084.750.00%TZS 6,440,678.00
Sub Total TZS 6,440,678.00
VAT TZS 1,159,322.04
Total TZS 7,600,000.04

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