Pro Forma Invoice


Msasani Tower
Kimweri Avenue
Dar es Salaam
P.O. BOX 4010

Pro Forma Invoice Number PRO-0156
Pro Forma Invoice Date December 13, 2019
Valid Until December 28, 2019
Total TZS 193,154,200.00
Sumtech Company LTD

Dar es Salaam

Qty Item PriceAdjustSub Total
393 Von Hotpoint 91 LTRS R600A , with lock & key, Dark Silver Door W/LIGHT
TZS 385,000.000.00%TZS 151,305,000.00
2 Von Hotpoint 311 LTRS DOUBLE DOOR Refrigerator, DEEP FROST, SILVER COLOR

10 Year Warranty

TZS 940,000.000.00%TZS 1,880,000.00
4 Von Hotpoint Net 200 ltrs, SILVER COLOR, inbuilt LVS

10 Year Warranty

TZS 815,000.000.00%TZS 3,260,000.00
7 Von Hotpoint 138L Double Door Refrigerator with recessed handle, outside condenser SILVER

10 Year Warranty

TZS 585,000.000.00%TZS 4,095,000.00
7 Von Hotpoint Cooker 50 x 50 4 Gas Burners Double Glass on Front Door Silver colour TZS 450,000.000.00%TZS 3,150,000.00
Sub Total TZS 163,690,000.00
VAT TZS 29,464,200.00
Total TZS 193,154,200.00

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