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Pro Forma Invoice


Msasani Tower
Kimweri Avenue
Dar es Salaam
P.O. BOX 4010

Pro Forma Invoice Number PRO-0025
Pro Forma Invoice Date June 21, 2019
Valid Until July 6, 2019
Total TZS 1,520,000.00
Smart Cargo

Dar Es Salaam

Qty Item PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Hikvision DS-K1T804MF Fingerprint Access Control Terminal

Integrated management of access control and the attendance
2.4-inch LCD screen to display time and date
Supports registering fingerprints from the terminal to software
Two attendance authentication modes: authentication by person, authentication by device
Stand-alone operation: locally add person, card and fingerprint information
Exports the swiping card data and the attendance report to the USB
Up to 32 normal shifts and up to 32 man-hour shifts can be configured
Up to 32 attendance holiday schedules and up to 128 access control holiday schedules can be configured
Generates the attendance report automatically and view the attendance data easily
The doorbell can connect the third party bell
Tamper alarm and duress alarm function

TZS 410,000.000.00%TZS 410,000.00
1 Hikvision DS-K1F800-F Fingerprint Recoder

500 dpi high-definition
Support the function of PnP(plug and play)
Optical fingerprint sensor designed with scratch-resistant material
USB 2.0 communication standard for data transmission

TZS 1,110,000.000.00%TZS 1,110,000.00
Sub Total TZS 1,520,000.00
VAT TZS 231,864.41
Total TZS 1,520,000.00

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