Pro Forma Invoice


Msasani Tower
Kimweri Avenue
Dar es Salaam
P.O. BOX 4010

Pro Forma Invoice Number PRO-0157
Pro Forma Invoice Date December 14, 2019
Valid Until January 17, 2020
Total TZS 273,170,000.00
Qty Item PriceAdjustSub Total
393 Von Hotpoint 91 LTRS R600A , with lock & key, Dark Silver Door W/LIGHT
TZS 550,000.000.00%TZS 216,150,000.00
2 Von Hotpoint 311 LTRS DOUBLE DOOR Refrigerator, DEEP FROST, SILVER COLOR

10 Year Warranty

TZS 1,500,000.000.00%TZS 3,000,000.00
4 Von Hotpoint Net 200 ltrs, SILVER COLOR, inbuilt LVS

10 Year Warranty

TZS 1,100,000.000.00%TZS 4,400,000.00
4 Von Hotpoint 138L Double Door Refrigerator with recessed handle, outside condenser SILVER

10 Year Warranty

TZS 850,000.000.00%TZS 3,400,000.00
7 Von Hotpoint Cooker 50 x 50 4 Gas Burners Double Glass on Front Door Silver colour TZS 650,000.000.00%TZS 4,550,000.00
Sub Total TZS 231,500,000.00
VAT TZS 41,670,000.00
Total TZS 273,170,000.00

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